Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I've Learned...

The dreaded time has come. At 5 PM today, I am officially done with classes at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. This is so sad. I have met such incredible people here at UF and I am so sad to be leaving Gainesville and begin to become a real adult with a real job. FREAKY.
I have much to be thankful for...especially the education I have received from this wonderful school. My dream has always been to be a storyteller. One that my audience will trust and respect. If it wasn't for all the hands on experience WUFT-TV has offered me, I wouldn't be on the right track to reaching my goal. I had the opportunity to be a multimedia reporter once a week, and anchor WUFT-TV's First At Five once a week.  One of the stories I did for my TV shift is this one...You can also check out some of my other stories on my website: Lysette Portales
Over the past year, I have been lucky enough to be a part of the integration of the radio and TV newsrooms. Along with that, I have been able to be a part CMIR, or the Center for Media Innovation and Research. This lab is a great resource for students to learn how to excel in online journalism.  Since social media is a huge part in today's society, this is absolutely necessary. You can even listen to some of the CMIR Podcasts!
Aside from what I've learned at the University of Florida, I have been honored to have such wonderful internships that the school has helped me set up. My first internship was with 93.3 FLZ where I learned how to interact with the audience over radio...and talk about some celebrity gossip! My second internship was with FOX 13 where I got to work alongside some of the best in the business. My most recent internship was with ATL & CO in Atlanta, where I got to help produce and put together a morning show everyday. I even got to do a little on-air stuff myself!

 Overall, my experience at UF and the Journalism College has been exceptional.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point was a great book.  The title and caption was what drew me in right away.  I started thinking how does this caption have anything to do with blogs and social media: “How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.”
Malcolm Gladwell wrote this book to look at major changes in our society and how they break out so quickly, and the word spreads fast. I was interested in his biography so I read up about the author, Malcolm Gladwell, and he explains the Tipping Point as when social epidemics take off, and reach their critical mass…that equals the Tipping Point.
The book gave an interesting view of the world around us and how we pick up certain issues, or topics. The overall message was that a very small act could result in a chain reaction. He gave examples on how this happens. One example I came up with was how Justin Bieber started singing his music around his hometown, then he got a computer with a video cam and started recording himself, (one of Justin Bieber's first YouTube Videos Bieber: With You) and then he put it on YouTube, and then one person watched it maybe shared it on their Facebook wall…another person watched it maybe shared it on their Twitter feed, and then before you know it he’s picked up by one of the biggest music agents in the world. And now he’s making millions of dollars thanks to social media.
By the way, the link I gave you that directs you to on of his first YouTube videos has 41,898,911 views. THAT IS INCREDIBLE.
One part of the book I found particularly interesting was the concept of “connectors.” These are the people who are constantly on social media and are helping spread the word about top news, music, entertainment, sports, etc.  They are the social butterflies in the group..the people who are nosy and what to know everything…people like…me.  I am addicted to social media and share a lot of information through social media. I guess that makes me a connector!
In the past I had heard the term "Six Degrees of Separation” but never really looked into it until after reading more about it in this book. The concept totally makes sense.  It kind of goes back to the saying "It's a small world after all"...and just for fun...let me take you on the ride Small World.
Anyways, the book was a great read and a great depiction of how social media really influences our lives.  It showed how one small thing could spread like a wild fire and become a worldwide phenomenon. He even got into some principles that I won’t go into just because I obviously can’t explain them as well as he can, but they definitely made sense. They all related back to how we find out information with examples from Paul Revere to examples in current day.  This book didn’t get on the National Bestseller list for no reason. It’s an interesting read that will make you not want to put the book down. I highly suggest that if you’re a reader you look into this book. You can buy it online right here! Buy The Tipping Point


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More BLOGS!!

If you haven't gotten the message that I LOVE FOOD, maybe you will after reading this awesome blog about food with a bit of a Latin twist! (my favorite) She posts all types of recipes including some of her Mom's famous ones! My favorite recipe she posted...Arroz con Pollo! (chicken and yellow rice)
Learn more about Janny! (and it's pronounced Hanny!) Janny Rodriguez

Sports Lovers...check this blog out! Mikes Headset's description is "I hear he sounds so good on air, football games continuously beg him to 'Call Me, Maybe!'" Who wouldn't want to check his blog out? He talks about his experience being the voice of a high school football team...really cool!
Learn more about Mike! Mike Biana

FASHION FASHION FASHION! Who doesn't love fashion? One of my friends, Tondrea, LOVES fashion. I mean LOVES. She always has the cutest clothes on and is always keeping up with the latest trends! How does this help you look your best?!...she blogs about it! You will be addicted to her blog once you start browsing!
Learn more about Tondrea! Tondrea Haddly

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Check out some of my fellow classmates blogs...

If you LOVE tv and keeping up with all your latest shows, you NEED to check this blog out!
The TV Devotee: Katerina Sardi
She blogs about TV from the first Latino Disney Princess to the comedic ABC show, Modern Family.
In addition to that, she has hilarious TV clips and pictures that will be sure to make you laugh!

Are you into healthy living and RUNNING? See Shannon Run! My friend Shannon has a GREAT blog all about getting fit through running. She even has some delicious healthy recipes up for you to create!...Pumpkin Loaf anyone?! Plus, find out how to get the best running shoe for your foot! Check it out!
See Shannon Run: Shannon McCarthy

Speaking of getting healthy...Alexa has a TASTY blog that will have you eating healthy in no time! One of my favorite posts...Guacamole. I LOVE GUAC. Her recipe for it is delicious. She has some great ideas for snacks and desserts on here too! Get your taste buds ready!
Healthy and Tasty Gainesville: Alexa Padilla

Monday, November 5, 2012

Missed any posts?!

Hello there!
I decided to share a little bit more about myself.  I am 21 years old, and live in good ole Gainesville, FL going to school at the University of Florida.  The city is small, but it's a great college town! Within the next 2 months, I hope to be up in NYC doing an internship at a news network...cross your fingers for me! 
Anyways, I am part of a family of 5, I'm the only girl with 2 brothers. I grew up around sports and love adventures.  I am extremely outgoing and love to try new things.  My dream job would be to travel around the world and tell stories, which is one of the reasons I chose this topic for my blog.
Other things I enjoy: comedies, Motown music, the beach, nail polish, news, talking, and figuring things out!
Hope you learned some more about me and feel like you know me a bit!...

While I'm here I just wanted to remind you of a few of my favorite blog posts!
I just got off a phone interview for an internship in New York City which reminded me of my NYC post!...things to do, and not do in NYC.
Also, Just because I'm feeling adventurous, I want to remind you about one of the most adventurous cities in the world...Interlaken!
And, just to get to know a more about myself, I'll link ya to my resume, and some of my news stories!
The city that never sleeps: What to do in NYC!
Let your blood rush!: Interlaken Adventures
My Resume: Lysette Portales Resume
Learn more about me: Learn about Lysette Portales

Monday, October 29, 2012

Learn some more about me!

I thought I'd give all of you a better idea of who I am and my experiences within the journalism field...
I love what I do, and if I could travel while I reported, I would be the happiest and luckiest girl in the world....
Take a look at my resume and let me know what you think!
Find out more about Lysette!: Lysette Portales Resume

And if you want to look at some of my on camera work...
Check out my stuff: Lysette's Website!

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You might want to bring another pair of underwear...

INTERLAKEN, SWITZERLAND. I am OBSESSED with this place and I have never been there. But, my best friend (you'll see her in the pics) went on a weekend trip there in July when she was studying abroad in Spain. So until next July when I will be in Switzerland, I am vicariously living through her adventures and pictures.
Interlaken is one of the most adventurous and thrill seeking cities. There is so much you can do there to get your adrenaline going...which is exactly what I LOVE to do.

First example: Bungee Jumping.

Yes, this is my best friend Kasey. She went bungee jumping. How amazing is this view?!

Second Example: Canyoning.
 Basically canyoning is diving and sliding down a ton of canyons. SO COOL!

Anyways, now that you've seen these pictures, I know you WANT and HAVE to go to Switzerland. And the best part....these are only TWO of the adventures Interlaken offers. 

More Interlaken Adventures: Interlaken Adventure!
Get your trip started with the help of my blog: Plan your trip

Just to get you a bit more excited...Here's a YouTube video of Canyoning! 
Check out Canyoning: Canyoning Video

And might need to bring an extra pair of underwear after participating in these blood rushing, thrill seeking activities!